Stephen Dent

Welcome to Stephen Dent Dog Training of Littleton, Colorado! You’ve seen the Dog Whisperer and all dog training spin off shows all over TV and now you want an obedient dog in your home. No problem! The Stephen Dent dog training school uses non-aggressive methods just like our friend Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer.

Stephen Dent Dog Training

The rudimentary idea of dog training is compassion, and a firm but kind approach to domestic canines. Many times, it isn’t just the dog that needs to be trained. Families and individual dog owners also need to be aware that their behavior shapes their dogs behavior as well. So the Stephen Dent method includes family awareness and everyone in the house is expected to make an effort with the dog being trained. If you don’t have an interest in being a part of the solution for your dog’s welfare, you will never be able to accomplish training to it’s fullest extent. It is not expected that you devote your entire life to your dog and their training, but it is required that you get to know the methods used by Stephen Dent and that you consistently implement them in your home, even when it’s inconvenient, and especially when your dog’s behavior is shaping the way your household runs.

Training can begin at many different phases of a dog’s life. Stephen Dent knows that an old dog can indeed learn new tricks. We work with puppies, one and two-year-olds, and even much older dogs whose owners have come to realize the benefit that training can offer them, their dog, and the entire household.

Positive Reinforcement

I would like to give a shout out to a friend of mine who makes deserts. They recently just starting carrying their own homemade doggy treats. These are great for training your dogs and it enables you to associate reward with good behavior. Don’t forget to stop by their website and check it out.

We applaud your first effort into making the decision to train your pet. With Stephen Dent Dog Training we can help you take advantage of this opportunity. Please look around our Website and see what we’re all about. We look forward to meeting you and your dog and helping make your relationship stronger, your children safer, and your home a happier place!

Clicker Training

Clicker Training is the process of utilizing sound as a signal, to let your pet know they did what you wanted them to do. This can be a very useful method of training your dog, especially if you are quick with keeping the reaction time minimal between the wanted action and the sound.

Typically when training your dog this way you want to keep the exercises quick and concise (approximately 15 minutes each time). This will allow your dog to have enough time to see what you are trying to do, without dragging things on to where your dog losing his/her attention. If your dog is too distracted or tired whatever your trying to teach them will not stick. Remember, teaching your dog something new requires mental stimulation (which takes energy!) Stephen Dent offers click training and consulting as an option for all his clients.