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Stephen Dent Explains Why Dogs Need More Than Just Positive Reinforcement Training

There are many dog trainers who believe all you need to have a well trained dog is to push positive reinforcement. But Stephen Dent believes this simply isn’t enough.  Sure you can get your dog to roll over or sit with positive reinforcement, but if s/he wants to chase that rabbit in the yard, no “treat” is gonna make him/her sit and not bark. If Aunt Joan comes to the door, a treat isn’t going to entice the dog to stop barking and jumping up on her.
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How To Train Your Child To Act Around a Dog

According to a study in 1994, approximately one million dog bites occur each year in the United States of which 60-70% of those bites involve children. The majority of dog bites are usually not serious, but some can be disfiguring or, on rare occasions, fatal. The study also showed that boys are bitten more often than girls, and a third of the dogs that attack children are actually owned by the family of the person that was bitten.
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How to Secure a Dog When Traveling in a Car

Dogs can be great travel companions on vacations and other trips. While some dogs may be natural adventurers, many dogs may get agitated or anxious on long drives. Fortunately, there are a number of effective ways to ensure that dogs are calm, relaxed and quiet travel companions. Stephen Dent teaches us effective tips and tricks on how to secure a dog when traveling in a car.
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