Blue Heelers


Ok so first off these dogs are very cute! I know because I own one. Buyers beware though– if you don’t like a dog that is high energy and jumping on you and all over the place – don’t get this dog. My blue heeler, Beretta, jumps up on strangers all the time and it can get a little annoying. But if you can get past that they are wonderful dogs. These dogs are loyal and they are actually Australian cattle dogs so it’s no wonder they can be a bit overbearing. As far as training goes I have been able to control this dog but I do so by being very firm and setting a commanding tone. You must set the stage early with these dogs and get them to follow your orders – or they will walk all over you.

Golden Retrievers


These dogs grace most family homes in the United States. They are big dogs, but very nice. Golden retrievers are good listeners but they can get distracted. They are like big shaggy carpets and sometimes get in the way and get into trouble – but they mean well. For these dogs family is everything, and many owners get more than one.

German Shepherds


These dogs are a very proud breed. They are the classic guard dog type dog and the Police use them as their K9s. As you would imagine, it is fairly easy to train these dogs.



Pitbulls get a bad reputation. Some have been in the news for attacking people, as well as small children. Keep in mind, dogs are man’s best friend but they are animals. That being said, like humans, everyone is different, and so are dogs. I have met pitbulls that were the nicest in the world. Good owners can train dogs appropriately where bad owners can really influence dogs in the the wrong way. Pitbulls should be watched closely, especially around children.