Many people have conflicting opinions about when the proper age to being dog training is. Others feel that a dog can miss his window of training opportunity once he passes a certain age. At Stephen Dent, our view is that nearly any dog is trainable. The use of the Stephen Dent method is what makes it possible. You see, almost any dog of any age likes a reward, whether that reward is a treat, attention, or play time with his best friend, a dog will do whatever he is asked to achieve what he most wants in life.

At the Stephen Dent Dog Training facility, all of our skilled trainers understand this and know how to best use this to their advantage. And that’s why you can have faith there is even hope for your seven year old dachshund who still piddles on the rug!

The Stephen Dent method uses the rationale that grouping classes of dogs according to age, capabilities, and previous exposure to training will allow a canine student to get more from his time in training. Just like people, if a dog has more in common with those he’s surrounded with, his chances of learning more increase, and that’s a big part of the Stephen Dent methodology.

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