Stephen Dent Dog Training Services

The Stephen Dent Dog School offers a wide variety of training options for your puppy or full grown dog. Regardless of your dog’s age, he may still be a good candidate for training. The Stephen Dent method can be applied by our dog and puppy trainers to a canine of any breed of nearly any age. Have a look at the dog training options below to decide if the Stephen Dent Dog Training program is the right fit for you and your dog or puppy:

  Scheduling Options at the Stephen Dent Dog Training Facility:

  1. Doggy Training Day Camp (7AM to 5PM, M-F)
  2. In-Home Dog and Puppy Training
  3. Weekend Obedience School
  4. Evening Obedience School (7 to 9PM, M-W-F)
Stephen Dent Services

Photography by Stephen Dent

Stephen Dent Dog Training Options:

  • Potty training
  • Biting/nipping
  • Sit/stay/come
  • Heel
  • Go to your place
  • Roll over
  • Shake
  • Play dead
  • Fetch
  • Release
  • Off-leash obedience
  • And many more!!