About Stephen Dent

There’s more to life than just dogs, doggonit! That may be true but Stephen Dent and all of us here at the training school, and all of our caring employees who make home visits for private instruction pretty much agree……… life ain’t much of a life if it doesn’t include a dog or two.

Stephen Dent has had dogs since before he was born. He was an heir to 3 of them.  It is in fact true that the very day that he returned home from the hospital he came home to three dogs (his new brothers and sisters!) Molly, a Golden retriever mix, Harry, her brother and the runt of their litter, and old Marty who passed away when Stephen was still just a young boy around the age of two or three.

The whole Stephen Dent family have been dog lovers (crazy dog people!) since the early pioneer days when the family came over from Britain as far back as 1889. That is a long time ago, that is for sure. Read more about Stephen Dent.

Stephen Dent with Prized Dog